According to an article written posted on Mashable earlier this year, 10% of Americans have had their identitites stolen. The cost to businesses worldwide adds up to a staggering $221 billion each year, and on average it took 330 hours to repair the damage done by identity theft.

The New York Times states that the average consumer out-of-pocket cost due to identity fraud has risen to $631 per incident in 2010, from $387 in 2009 because of increasingly sophisticated methods of theft employed by thieves. Identity-theft insurance policies cost $25 to $100 per year, and only provide coverage for expenses incurred as a result of identity. This type of insurance does nothing to protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft.

When you consider these numbers against the fact that Keeper® Backup costs $9.99 per year per device to securely encrypt, store and manage your sensitive data the argument against paying this annual fee becomes much harder to uphold. If your mobile device was lost, stolen or in any way compromised by hackers, your personal information would still be safe. The records kept within Keeper are indecipherable and encoded according to the mast password that is set by and known only to you.

Keeper not only costs less than identity theft insurance but also guarantees that you will continue to have access to your most valuable information if anything should happen to your mobile device or computer, as all of your data is backed up in encrypted form. All of your passwords, banking information and credit card information will be at hand and ready for you to reference. Anyone who has experienced the pain of losing their wallet or purse knows of the stressful aftermath in recouping losses and preventing additional losses. Using Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault™ servers will go a long way in preventing the worst of these scenarios.

Most of all, what Keeper provides is security and peace of mind. In a technological environment that leaves the average consumer vulnerable to online predators and hackers, especially amongst those who use mobile devices, Keeper provides invaluable lines of defense that are simple yet extremely effective. With just one master password, only you hold the key to your data’s encryption, barring all others from accessing your files. It is the most important insurance that you can provide for yourself in your online life.

It’s most likely that you cannot afford to not have Keeper.