Keeping your private information safe and secure is our number one priority.  We also strive to make sure that you’re a happy and satisfied Keeper user and can easily navigate throughout your account.  With this in mind, we decided it was time to take step forward with Keeper and just the other day launched an updated version of Keeper Desktop!  Both Windows and Mac 10.4+ have been updated. Don’t worry about changing to the new version either–upgrades from the previous to the new version of Keeper Desktop software won’t erase any of your information.

“Our latest release of Keeper Desktop for Windows and Mac 10.4+ included several upgrades to make the user experience even better.  We optimized graphics for higher resolution displays, made the user interface more intuitive and greatly increased the speed from the prior version.   Most importantly, our latest version of Keeper makes sync’g to the Cloud Security Vault and the user’s devices more seamless,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder.

The new, updated version of Keeper is super fast, and easy to use.  Cosmetic changes make Keeper more user-friendly.  Additional themes allow users more options to personalize their account to their liking.  New color icons pop out to easily direct you to what you need, and in the lower right corner you’ll find a new icon with a question mark, that will allow you to access the Quick Start Guide, which is available at all times.

Current customers received an in-app notification to upgrade to the latest version. In case you have been too busy to do so, here is how to upgrade: Go to, click ‘Download’ at the top, then download now, then choose your platform. It’s a simple as that–and as secure as you want!