We all do it–use the same login credentials for multiple sites. It’s a bad habit we’ve formed but what else are we supposed to do now that we use the Internet for everything. This habit which may seem helpful for our memories is hurtful to our accounts. If one set of login credentials is the same for several accounts, it means the hacker has access to everything that one specific combination belongs to: your banking information, your credit card information, social media, personal and business email, stores for shopping and more. Imagine the damage that can be done to your private information–identities are stolen, credit is ruined and private information is throw around like a hot potato. We don’t want this to happen to us, but with the blink of an eye, a data breach happens when we’re least expecting it. So how can we cure our data vulnerability?

By using Keeper! Keeper is one of the world’s most downloaded and popular security apps and millions of people trust Keeper to protect them on their mobile devices and computers!

Keeper will do all the work for you while storing your information securely. It will save your login credentials all behind one powerful Master Password that you choose. Instead of remembering numerous login credential combinations, just remember your Master Password. You can rely on Keeper to keep your login credential ssafe because it uses military-grade 128-bit AES security. Plus, you’re able to sync Keeper on multiple devices so not only will your Smartphone be secure, your Tablet and Desktop, whether PC, Mac or Linux is too! Forget about what feels like a million login credentials to fumble over at each login. Keeper is here for you!

To watch an awesome video on why Keeper is important to you, click here!