Technology surrounds us. Most devices we use allow us to access sites that contain our most personal and confidential information. We rely on our passwords to keep all of our private information safe and secure. Yet we don’t always use strategic and strong passwords. Many people reuse the same password for multiple sites, or a simple combination of addresses, birthdays and phone numbers. A recent study completed by the University of Cambridge shows that millennial, who are more tech-savvy, choose weaker passwords. This study concluded that Baby Boomers, people over the age of 55, were more likely to choose passwords that were twice as strong as people 25 years old and younger.

Also, younger people generally take advantage of online sites much more than the older population. You’d think that the more online access we have, the stronger our passwords would be. However, one particular reason for simple and reused passwords is the plethora of login credentials we have accumulated. Think about all of the sites you use on a daily basis that require a username and password. While we love to take advantage and have fun with these sites, keeping track of all of the login credentials can get out of hand.

Keeper has the solution for you! Keeper Password and Data Vault allows you store all of your username and password combinations behind your single Master Password. Instead of attempting to remember 100 login credentials, you only need to remember one! Keeper also stores your information using military-grade 128-AES and all password hashes are supported with BCrypt to give you the confidence that your private information is safe. Make your Master Password as strong as you can be and rely on Keeper to keep you secure!