We have all been waiting for this day to arrive.  Some of us have been marking off days on a calendar.  September 12: The day the iPhone 5 is revealed!  The new iPhone has been all over the news.  Along with other media outlets, Cnet is even hosting a Live Blog from Apple’s iPhone event.  We of course understand the anticipation that comes with revealing a new piece of technology; the iPhone hasn’t been updated since October 2011!  What has been updated since then is Keeper!  Keeper is now offering version 5.0 with much faster, more advanced features!

Use Keeper 5.0 on your iPhone 5 so you’re confident that your private information is safe!  Keeper not only helps you manage hundreds of login credentials, but also provides user-friendly functions that keep your private information secure through its full 128-bit AES ciphers and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission.  Within Keeper you are able to generate a new, secure password and you can also auto-fill those passwords with just the touch of a button!  All you have to remember is your one Master Password so there’s no need to worry once you have Keeper.

For your protection, our Self-Destruct feature that will wipe Keeper clean if your device happens to end up in the wrong hands.  To recover your information, take advantage of Keeper’s Cloud.  The Cloud provides unlimited ability to backup and secure all of your information.  Keeper  is available on all Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops.  We offer 24/7 Live Chat, email support and daily webinars.  Don’t hesitate!  Download Keeper 5.0 (link) as soon as you get your iPhone 5!