As you all know, we launched Keeper for Groups this month, and we have to say–we’re pretty proud of it. Keeper for Groups solves a problem that, while nothing new, has gone unsolved for some time. What is that problem? Collaboration.

On the one hand, collaboration is great. It’s powerful and efficient. We’ve all heard the old cliches: two heads are better than one, many hands make light work, divide and conquer, etc. Teamwork is vehicle of great ideas and great achievements.

But there is another old saying about collaboration that hold just as true: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. What this means is that a group of people, no matter how large, is made of individuals, and one single person can compromise the integrity and cohesiveness of the entire group. It means that one team member’s negligence can make every one else vulnerable.

What exactly are we talking about here? Passwords (of course!). In today’s world, collaborating often means sharing web accounts, login information, administrative passwords, even financial data. Groups needs access to the same pool of information in order to function. Until now, this pool of information is often located in a spreadsheet, a google doc, maybe a group email.

But what if this treasure trove of passwords fell into the wrong hands?

Keeper for Groups solves this essential danger of collaborating, while also making sharing easier and faster than ever. By securing sensitive data in an encrypted format with stringently limited access and individual user passwords, you can eliminate the risky public plaintext file completely. Your information is available to your group, yet completely off-limits to everyone else.

So gather a group and get collaborating!