Attention Keepies using Windows! We’re excited to announce that we’ve improved our Keeper for Groups application, and we did it just for you. Allow us to introduce Keeper Enterprise Bridge.

Keeper Enterprise Bridge seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Active Directory to add users to your group in real time. Keeper Enterprise Bridge also supports integration with the LDAP protocol. That means that everyone in your Windows server network can easily and instantly become part of your Keeper Group.

It looks a little something like this:

Best of all, Keeper Enterprise Bridge is free for all Keeper for Groups customers. Just log in to your Keeper for Groups admin console and install Keeper Enterprise Bridge to your Windows server.

If you aren’t a Keeper for Groups customer and want to learn how Keeper can help your company securely manage passwords and private information, contact our sales team. Our base plan starts at only $59.99 per year.

Also–psst! Stay tuned for another Windows-related update coming soon. Very, very soon.