Happy June, Keepies! Spring has sprung and summer is right on its heels. With all the flowers and sunshine, it’s easy to forget all about bummer things like identity theft. But believe it or not, June hits the six-month mark since January (we know–already?) and that means it’s time to change those passwords, people.

Changing your passwords regularly helps decrease your chance of being hacked. How? If a hacker were to gain access to any one of your accounts, they could hold on to the information and observe your activity. Email accounts, especially, hold lots of personal information that could lead an attacker closer to stealing your whole identity. Using the Keeper password generator tool is a great way to come up with strong passwords for all of your accounts.

Today also marks the 2-year anniversary of one of the biggest data breaches in recent memory. You may have been one of the 6.5 million users whose LinkedIn password was compromised on June 5th, 2012 by a third-party attack. Use this opportunity to beef up your personal security and protect yourself against a similar attack.