If you didn’t already know, Keeper is based in Chicago. Our office is located in Chicago’s historic West Loop district, right next to downtown. Known as much for its Greek restaurants as for its wealth of historic loft buildings, the West Loop has become a growing hub for young startups like us.

Chicago is more than ever a center of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. While our engineering offices are located in Folsom, California, our headquarters are in Chicago, where we are surrounded with excitement and encouragement from other young tech companies.

Organizations like the Chicago Entrepreneurship Center (CEC), 1871, and BuiltInChicago, provide valuable networking and support for Chicago startups, and have played a crucial role in building a community of entrepreneurs and startups in the city.  Darren, our CEO, is a community board member of 1871 and helps mentor new start ups.

For an awesome database of Chicago startups, visit BuiltInChicago’s website provided above. Also be sure to check out this article on Forbes.com for more about Chicago’s vibrant tech scene.