As much as we hate to admit it, summer is almost over. And that means that it’s time to start thinking about (dare we say it) going back to school. We know, it hurts. Sorry.

There was a time when school supplies included mostly just pens and notebooks, a planner and maybe some post-its. But times have changed. Nowadays, students need to keep track of passwords, library log-ins, online groups for collaborative projects, and (of course) Facebook profiles. That’s why Keeper is the ultimate back-to-school tool. Students of all ages have a lot on their plate, and with Keeper, creating and keeping track of strong passwords is one less thing to worry about.

Our new Secure File Storage feature offers students a way to upload and share text files, images, and even Powerpoint projects with others. Plus, once uploaded to the Keeper Vault, those files are safe and can be accessed from any computer. Gone are the days of homework getting forgotten, lost, or eaten. (Sorry kids: Time to find new excuses!)

A Keeper Backup subscription can make the return to the classroom a bit easier and a lot safer. Sign up your student today!