What's The Difference Between Keeper® Free and Keeper® Backup? Good Question.

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Here at Keeper, we believe that in today’s world security is a right, not a privilege. Everyone should be able to protect their identity. That’s why we offer two products: Keeper® Free and Keeper® Backup. Which one is right for you?

Keeper® Free

Keeper® Free safeguards personal information on one device with military grade encryption, and is—you guessed it—totally free. Passwords and private data are conveniently accessible with one master password. Features like a random password generator and a self-destruct function offer extra defense against hacking and identity theft.

Keeper® Backup

Keeper® Backup offers all of these services and then some. Backup provides several crucial extra services to ensure that your private information stays exactly that: private.

Unlimited Storage & Backups

As the name suggests, Backup stores unlimited copies of records on all devices, as well as online, in Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault™. So no matter what happens to your gadgets, your data is safe.

Syncs to Your Devices

Are you the kind of person who never leaves the house with fewer than three screens in tow? With Backup, you can sync your Keeper records to all devices and computers on your account. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

Web Access from Anywhere (NEW!)

Now you can securely access your Keeper records from any computer with our Web App, and quickly retrieve and manage the login details to your websites.

Live Support

Our support team is available to help you 24/7 via email, live chat and phone.

And here’s one more fun fact: you can try Backup free for 30 days! Just download the free version and select the free trial when prompted.

Every identity deserves protection. Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered.

Now Live: The Brand New Keeper Web App!

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As if you needed another reason to upgrade. Today marks the launch of our brand new Web App!

Introducing Keeper Web App, the newest Keeper product for annual subscribers. Now you can access your data anywhere, anytime, from any device. Simply click My Vault Login on keepersecurity.com, enter your email address and master password, and you’ll find all of your sync’d information waiting for you.

The web app looks just like the mobile and desktop versions, but isn’t linked to any particular device. We gave you the Cloud Security Vault so that when bad computer karma strikes, your information stays safe. Now with the Web App, you can you can access your data vault on any device using your email address and master password. The world is your Smartphone!

Check Out the New Web App

Hundreds of Thousands of Private University Records Fall Prey to Hacking

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At least 50 universities from around the world were hacked recently.  About 120,000 records of names, user names, passwords, phone numbers and addresses of students and faculty were prey.  Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and Princeton were four universities that were included in the security breach.   The group known as Ghostshell posted the information to a site called Pastebin.  The hack was motivated by a desire to draw attention to the state of higher education.

But not all security breaches are used to draw attention.  Most security breaches are motivated to steal identity thefts — the last thing anyone wants to happen to them.

That’s why Keeper is important for you and all of your friends and family!  Keeper is a password security and management application for your phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet that will make sure your private information is safe, secure and easy to manage.  Keeper has full 128-bit unbreakable AES ciphers with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission.  You have encrypted local and Cloud storage with unlimited records.  Keeper has a secure password generator and all that you have to keep track of is your one strong Master Password.  Plus, you can sync all of your devices!

Keeper is the best way to make sure that your private information isn’t a tool to draw attention and that your identity is safe.  Download Keeper now!

Use Keeper To Protect You and Your Smartphone

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Imagine everything on your Smartphone wiped clean in a matter of seconds?  Unless your Smartphone was using Keeper’s Self-Destruct function (and your information was backed up to Keeper’s Cloud), the thought of your data vanishing is downright terrifying.  But unfortunately, another newly discovered security flaw has been revealed.  This security flaw will affect a large number of Android-based phones including the Samsung’s Galaxy S III.  Certain web pages allow your phone to believe that a Special Service Number called an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code has been dialed into it, and will instantly wipe clean all data on your phone.  Scary, right!?

There is no need for your data to disappear unless it ends up in the wrong hands and Keeper reacts to protect it!  Two of Keeper’s best features are Self-Destruct and the encrypted Cloud Security Vault.   After five incorrect login attempts, Keeper’s Self-Destruct function will remotely wipe clean your Keeper records to save you from unwanted hacking.  Keeper also offers unlimited ability to backup those records to the Cloud Security Vault, so your information is always accessible from any device on your account.

Let yourself decide the fate of your valuable information by using Keeper, and knowing the Self-Destruct function and Keeper’s Cloud give you maximum control.

Download Keeper now!

Finish 2012 Off Right with Keeper

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If you’ve noticed by reading our blog entries, this year was marked with security breaches.  LinkedIn, Yahoo, eHarmony, LastFM and many other sites all fell victim to hacking.  User information was posted online for anyone to see, leaving customers feeling helpless and vulnerable.  A security breach happens quickly, catching people, companies and corporations off guard with more work to do, apologies to be issued and the need for a new plan of action.  To make matters worse, IBM released their observation made with their IBM X-Force 2012 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report and it is not what we want to hear.

“Early in 2011, IBM X-Force declared it the year of the security breach.  Enterprises both large and small were targeted.  In 2012, the trend has continued…. At the mid-year point in 2012 we see an upward trend in overall vulnerabilities, with a possibility of an all-time high by year end.”

This is why you need Keeper!  Keeper is a password security and management application for your phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet that will make sure your private information is safe, secure and easy to manage.  Keeper has full 128-bit unbreakable AES ciphers with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission.  You have encrypted local and Cloud storage with unlimited records.  Keeper has a secure password generator and all that you have to keep track of is your one strong Master Password.  Plus, you can sync all of your devices!  Keeper is a must-have for the fourth quarter of 2012!

Don’t let yourself become another victim of data security!  Get Keeper now!

Use Keeper 5.0 on your iPhone 5!

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We have all been waiting for this day to arrive.  Some of us have been marking off days on a calendar.  September 12: The day the iPhone 5 is revealed!  The new iPhone has been all over the news.  Along with other media outlets, Cnet is even hosting a Live Blog from Apple’s iPhone event.  We of course understand the anticipation that comes with revealing a new piece of technology; the iPhone hasn’t been updated since October 2011!  What has been updated since then is Keeper!  Keeper is now offering version 5.0 with much faster, more advanced features!

Use Keeper 5.0 on your iPhone 5 so you’re confident that your private information is safe!  Keeper not only helps you manage hundreds of login credentials, but also provides user-friendly functions that keep your private information secure through its full 128-bit AES ciphers and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission.  Within Keeper you are able to generate a new, secure password and you can also auto-fill those passwords with just the touch of a button!  All you have to remember is your one Master Password so there’s no need to worry once you have Keeper.

For your protection, our Self-Destruct feature that will wipe Keeper clean if your device happens to end up in the wrong hands.  To recover your information, take advantage of Keeper’s Cloud.  The Cloud provides unlimited ability to backup and secure all of your information.  Keeper  is available on all Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops.  We offer 24/7 Live Chat, email support and daily webinars.  Don’t hesitate!  Download Keeper 5.0 (link) as soon as you get your iPhone 5!

Only You Have Access to Your Cloud

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Imagine lifting open your laptop screen to log into your social media accounts to find nothing.  Your Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn accounts have been deleted.  You shut your laptop and open it again to your laptop rebooting itself.  You scramble for your phone or tablet to double check the unsettling reality but there is nothing.  It’s all gone.  All of your data is wiped clean and your digital existence has also vanished.

This horrific sequence of events was accomplished by hackers accessing your iCloud account – the online spot where we trust to store our data that we can conveniently access remotely.  These hackers didn’t scramble to figure out your password.  Instead, they pretended to be you during a phone conversation with representatives, explaining “your” inability to access “your” account.  After a short phone call, the hackers have a temporary password, an open door to everything you’ve ever stored on the web.

A few days ago, this actually happened.  It wasn’t the ability to crack an iCloud password, it was the faulty security measures that certain companies take that make your information vulnerable to an attack.  This type of attack is terrifying as the digital world continues to grow in the direction of using a Cloud as a backup.  Flaws like this need to be addressed before a storm opens up and suddenly no one is safe anymore.  No one should be able to access information except the owner.  Keeper understands and believes in this very important security practice.

Keeper allows you to not only store your password information and sync to all of your devices, but it allows you to backup your vital information to our encrypted Cloud for full protection.   By using Keeper, you don’t need to worry about a hacker contacting Customer Support and gaining access to your information.  All of your data is stored as ‘binary’ files, that are completely encrypted and not readable.  We keep these ‘binary’ files for one reason: to be able to offer customers the Cloud Restore feature.  This feature is available only if you have your Master Password, email address and security answer that you chose and only you know.  So don’t worry about someone finding a piece of your mail or the last four digits of your credit card information and using them as the tools to destroy your digital existence.  Keeper 5.0 is here to give you the comfort of data security!  Plus, there’s unlimited record storage and self-destruct protection that will clear your local information if anyone besides yourself tries to access your Keeper account.

Download Keeper 5.0 now!

A New Day, A New Security Breach

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Not so long ago, many Dropbox users began receiving spam emails about casinos and gambling sites and almost immediately went to the Dropbox site to express their concerns.  After nearly two weeks Dropbox was able to confirm their unfortunate situation.  Hackers were able to locate usernames and passwords from third party sites and access users accounts.

Dropbox has been working hard to resolve this issue and improve the security of your accounts.  Through their blog,  they have offered the below steps to ensure your information is safe and secure:

  • Two-factor authentication, a way to optionally require two proofs of identity (such as your password and a temporary code sent to your phone) when signing in. (Coming in a few weeks)
  • New automated mechanisms to help identify suspicious activity. They’ll continue to add more of these over time.
  • A new page that lets you examine all active logins to your account.
  • In some cases, they may require you to change your password. (For example, if it’s commonly used or hasn’t been changed in a long time)

Dropbox also recommends using a strong and unique password for each site that requires login credentials.  Here at Keeper we understand how difficult it is to remember hundreds of login credentials, which is why Keeper can help you!  Within Keeper you can store all private information behind your strong Master Password.  You only need to remember that single password to access your numerous accounts.  Keeper is one of the world’s most downloaded password security applications and is available for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.  Keeper uses military-grade 128 AES security and all password hashes are supported with BCrypt.  Protect yourself from unnecessary security breaches!  Use Keeper now!

Download Keeper at keepersecurity.com/download!

Keeper Reviewed on BestAppSite.com

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Keeper, one of the world’s most downloaded password security applications, strives to make sure that our clients are confident knowing their private information and passwords are safe and secure. We love hearing input from our users! Just recently, Keeper was reviewed on the website BestAppSite.com.

A Hack as a Wake-up Call

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On Wednesday, through Yahoo, hundreds of thousands of accounts fell victim to a major security breach. Login credentials for over 450,000 accounts were posted online. Originally, the hack was anonymous. However, a hacker group known as D33D now claims to be responsible for the attack and said they hoped Yahoo saw this as a wake-up call, and not a threat. On Thursday, the site where the passwords were posted, was taken offline. Yahoo quickly issued an apology and urged users to change their passwords regularly.

Four hundred and fifty thousand login credentials posted online sure is a wake-up call, which is why it’s necessary to take control of your private information now by using Keeper! Keeper is one of the world’s most downloaded password security applications. With Keeper, you are in control of your private information behind your strong Master Password. Keeper is available for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. Keeper uses military-grade 128 AES security and all password hashes are supported with BCrypt. Don’t wait for a wake-up call to keep your information safe. Use Keeper now!

Download Keeper at keepersecurity.com/download!