How Much is Your Private Information Worth?

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How much do you love and rely on your laptop? For many people, it’s a prized and invaluable possession. Now, imagine if your laptop was stolen. One minute it’s on the cafe table next to you and by the time you get your coffee, poof! It’s gone. If you’ve never been a victim of theft, you can imagine a very vulnerable and gut-wrenching feeling that something of value to you was taken, leaving you confused and astonished. It’s no secret that laptops hold irreplaceable private, personal and business information, and that we bookmark everything from credit card sites to bank accounts.

But beware! A study completed by Absolute determined that Chicago was the number one place for laptop theft with Houston and Detroit following close behind as second and third place cities. Where does your city rank? According to Absolute, contributing factors include lack of care by the owner, airport employees interested in resale, and large groups of people causing a distraction while the theft occurs. So if your stolen laptop is being sold to a third party, makes you wonder how much they receive for a laptop full of your private information, right?

While we can’t avoid all forms of theft, we can choose to protect our private information by using Keeper 5.0! Keeper is one of the world’s most downloaded password security and management applications. It is available for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. Keeper uses military-grade 128 AES security and all password hashes are supported with BCrypt. All of your private information is stored behind your Master Password. Plus, if you happen to become victim of theft, after five unsuccessful attempts at cracking your strong password, Keeper will erase all of your information. But don’t worry – your information can be backed up to the Cloud! You can also personalize your Keeper theme to make it feel like your own.

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How Strong are Your Passwords?

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Technology surrounds us. Most devices we use allow us to access sites that contain our most personal and confidential information. We rely on our passwords to keep all of our private information safe and secure. Yet we don’t always use strategic and strong passwords. Many people reuse the same password for multiple sites, or a simple combination of addresses, birthdays and phone numbers. A recent study completed by the University of Cambridge shows that millennial, who are more tech-savvy, choose weaker passwords. This study concluded that Baby Boomers, people over the age of 55, were more likely to choose passwords that were twice as strong as people 25 years old and younger.

Also, younger people generally take advantage of online sites much more than the older population. You’d think that the more online access we have, the stronger our passwords would be. However, one particular reason for simple and reused passwords is the plethora of login credentials we have accumulated. Think about all of the sites you use on a daily basis that require a username and password. While we love to take advantage and have fun with these sites, keeping track of all of the login credentials can get out of hand.

Keeper has the solution for you! Keeper Password and Data Vault allows you store all of your username and password combinations behind your single Master Password. Instead of attempting to remember 100 login credentials, you only need to remember one! Keeper also stores your information using military-grade 128-AES and all password hashes are supported with BCrypt to give you the confidence that your private information is safe. Make your Master Password as strong as you can be and rely on Keeper to keep you secure!

LinkedIn Passwords Leaked, 6.5 Million Accounts Compromised

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It seems that every day brings an unfortunate new breach of security. Yesterday LinkedIn was the victim and 6.5 million of its users passwords were compromised. In a blog post, LinkedIn Director Vicente Silveria stated that they are continuing to investigate the situation and provided steps for the account holders who were included in the hack. Members who had accounts that were compromised will receive an email with instructions on how to reset their password. But it wasn’t only LinkedIn that was victim today. The online dating site eHarmony reportedly had 1.5 million of its users’ passwords leaked. Even worse, eHarmony hack was possibly completed by the same suspect who hacked LinkedIn.

As each day passes and security breaches continue to happen, it proves to us that there is a security issue that needs to be addressed. The LinkedIn passwords that were stolen were easily deciphered which shows “lack of care for software security.” Software Engineers for companies should have a solution for security from the beginning. LinkedIn did hash the passwords, but the missing step was encryption. Encryption would have made it extremely difficult for hackers to analyze the file of all the passwords.

So what exactly happens to those 6.5 million passwords that were stolen? They were posted in an online forum based in Russia for any hacker who wishes to get their dangerous fingertips on.

Make sure that only your fingertips get a hold of your private and personal information by using Keeper 5.0. All password hashes are supported with BCrypt and 128-AES for symmetric ciphers to keep your passwords safe and secure. Keeper 5.0 is the newest release which includes smoother auto-sync feature for all of your devices and one-click backup so you never lose your information. Download Keeper 5.0 now!

Beware of Flame!

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The Flame virus that attacked Iran’s key oil company and caused massive data loss, could be a potential threat to other countries as well. The International Telecommunications Union will be issuing a warning about Flame and its dangerous abilities. The virus is known to have stolen sensitive information and audio recordings from top officials. Even worse, Flame is supposedly more powerful than the virus known as Stuxnet, a 2010 virus that attacked an Iranian nuclear plant.

In one of our earlier blog entries, we talked about the potential of the Cyber War and the effects that a dangerous virus could have on a nation. Whether the victim be an oil industry or a banking system, a virus powerful enough to attack any infrastructure that we need to survive, is terrifying. Some top officials believe Flame’s reputation is exaggerated and that we’re overreacting, but how important is knowing that these necessary infrastructures are secure?

For most people, the first step is making sure your personal passwords and information are safe, which is why it’s important to be prepared by using Keeper 5.0! Keeper will make sure that not even the smallest security breach reaches you. Using military grade 128-bit AES security, Keeper secures all of your information behind your single strong Master Password, backs up your data to the Cloud, and is available for all of your devices! Download Keeper now at

Upgrade to Keeper 5.0 Today!

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A major update was released for Keeper Password & Data Vault this week. Experience all the convenience and security that the new and improved Keeper 5.0 has to offer! Keeper 5.0 was released across all platforms which includes iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and Linux.

For added user security, Keeper has increased the levels of encryption for the master password and data storage. All password hashes are supported with BCrypt and 128-bit AES for symmetric ciphers. The auto-sync feature is literally 100 times faster than the previous version, which will make syncing fast, reliable and more convenient than ever before. Of course, don’t forget about the new “one-click” backup process where your data is stored with just one simple click. Keeper is specifically designed so that every function of the app is seamless for you.

Best of all, the upgrade is FREE to all paid users! Once you upgrade your first device, you will need to upgrade all devices on your Keeper account.

As one of the world’s most downloaded security applications, we strive to make sure your data is safe and secure at all times. Don’t become a victim to data theft or loss when you can protect yourself now by using Keeper.

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Our Private Information is Our Private Information, Not Yours

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We all recently heard that Twitter fell victim to an anonymous hacker and over 55,000 login credentials were exposed. While to some, a hacked Twitter account may not seem as significant as a bank or credit card account, a security breach of any kind can cause damage, lost information and identity theft. Back in February of this year, UNC Charlotte had a security breach of personal account information where at least 350,000 social security numbers were compromised. We also know of the potential Cyber War mentioned in our last blog, and how attacks could shut down major infrastructures necessary to live in the United States. Regardless of the type of security breach, they all show a weakness in our systems. Unfortunately, this type of criminal behavior will probably never cease as we continue to input valuable information about our personal lives onto the web.

Just how dangerous can a security breach be? The potential Cyber War is just the beginning. In order to combat the potential mayhem that could be, the Government wants to take steps that would help prevent and guard against these major cyber breaches and threats. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, also known as CISPA, was just recently passed through the House of Representatives on April 26. CISPA is a proposed law that would allow the sharing of private information from the internet between the U.S. Government and technology and manufacturing companies to help the U.S. investigate cyber attacks. CISPA is favored by major corporations such as Facebook and Microsoft, but many people and companies are concerned about how CISPA would allow the government to monitor an individual’s internet browsing usage. It’s scary to imagine that a potential law would allow the government to monitor internet usage, private emails, etc., and that our information could be handed over without our knowledge. Having your personal information readily available to others is a thought that no person dreams about which is why we take measures to prevent our information from being exposed–to anyone!

The House of Representatives recently spent hours debating this difficult, proposed law known as CISPA. The law is meant to protect cyber security, but in many ways it also makes consumers vulnerable to data privacy attacks. No one likes the idea of private information being shared, regardless of whose hands it ends up in. Some have even snickered about the “Big Brother” effect this potential law could have on consumers.

Whether or not CISPA ends up passing through the Senate, take the next step to keep your personal information protected NOW by using Keeper! Keeper is one of the world’s most downloaded security applications. It uses military grade, 128-bit AES security to keep your usernames and passwords safe and secure. Keeper will also help you manage the plethora of combinations used on a daily basis by auto-launching websites and auto-filling your passwords. Keeper can be synced to all of your devices including your mobile device, tablet, desktop and laptop! Download Keeper now at

Cyber War: The New Battlegrounds

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The Cyber War we’ve all heard about from security professionals, and feared, could be here sooner than we imagined. United States Government officials have long feared China and Russia because these two countries have advanced capabilities that could attack our computer networks. However, security officials have now shifted their focus to Iran.

Iran has recently established a group of hackers, the Iranian Cyber Army, that could attack vital United States infrastructures. They are rumored to have invested $1 billion into this cyber army to expand their capabilities. For the United States, an attack could mean anything from hacked banking systems to our power grids being shut down, all causing long lasting effects.

This month, Iran voiced that it was able to copy sensitive technology from a U.S. drone that crashed into its territory. Iran has also accused the United States and Israel of killing several of its nuclear scientists. So today, lawmakers from two House Homeland Security subcommittees held a hearing about’s cyber threat, as tension remains tight over Tehran’s nuclear program. Tehran claims their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but still skepticism remains high. Discussion will continue over this issue next month in Iraq.

Avoid a personal cyberattack on your valuable information by using Keeper. Keeper is the world’s most downloaded password and data security applications that protects you from hackers and identity theft. Keeper is available for mobile, desktop, tablets and more, and will not only store your private information, but will auto-fill your login credentials to manage all of your usernames and passwords. Keeper also has a self-destruct feature for your protection. After five unsuccessful attempts at cracking your strong Master Password, your information will be wiped clear on the device that accidentally ended up in the wrong hands. On top of everything Keeper offers you for security and password management, you can also backup your data to the Cloud so you never lose anything!

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Your Smartphone Can Stay Smart with Keeper

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It’s rare to run into someone that doesn’t have a Smartphone. These handy devices have become an extension of ourselves, our companions and something we can’t or wouldn’t want to live without. As more people continue to connect their lives, bank and credit accounts, personal and business information, and more, through their Smartphones as they once would with a PC, it’s not a surprise that Smartphones have become vulnerable targets for hackers and malware. Two recent examinations discovered that current designers of Smartphones and Tablets failed to fully account for privacy and security implications. This is, at the very least, alarming. Two research firms, Cryptography Research and McAfee’s research team discovered and demonstrated different ways your Smartphone or Tablet is an easy target.

Cryptography Research showed how easily your Smartphone or Tablet can be watched during a purchase transaction, while online banking and even accessing a company’s private network, without the device being modified, and without your knowledge of the activity happening. You know, the things we do on our Smartphones and Tablets on a daily basis–the things we invested and rely on our Smartphones for, were all an easy target for this team. And it doesn’t stop there…

McAffee’s research team demonstrated a few different discoveries
. The first demonstration by McAffee’s team was several ways to hack into Apple’s iOS operating system, for iPhones and iPads. They also showed how simple it is to activate microphones to record conversations, which is seems more uncomfortable than detrimental to our privacy. Don’t forget about what else McAfee’s team was able to demonstrate: Ways to steal your passwords, call histories, email and text messaging information. These phones are starting to not feel so smart, anymore…

Because not only are these happening but we’ve already been warned of the ways inputting your private information into the apps we download can be finicky to the privacy of our information. Who enjoys a telemarketer or junk mail? Sadly, what can happen to your information can be much worse than a nagging phone call or extra email.

Just imagine how fast your money could disappear when our Smartphones take place of our wallets. If more than 1 billion people are expected to own Smartphones by 2016, that’s a lot of money and private information that could be stolen.

This is just another reason why Keeper is important to you. You won’t need to worry about your Smartphone or Tablet being vulnerable. By taking control of your private information and data by using Keeper Security app, you’re safe behind military-grade 128-bit AES security. Keeper, which is one of the most downloaded security applications, is trusted by millions of people globally. Keeper will store all of your private information behind the strong Master Password of your choosing. Within Keeper, you can securely login to all of your personal sites, such as banking, credit, business–anything that is password protected and you want and most importantly need to stay safe–for a piece of mind. Keep your Smartphone “smart” and protected by downloading and using Keeper Security app. Keeper is available on Tablets and computers too – to keep your private information organized, safe and secure.

Get Rid of Bad Habits and Use Keeper

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We all do it–use the same login credentials for multiple sites. It’s a bad habit we’ve formed but what else are we supposed to do now that we use the Internet for everything. This habit which may seem helpful for our memories is hurtful to our accounts. If one set of login credentials is the same for several accounts, it means the hacker has access to everything that one specific combination belongs to: your banking information, your credit card information, social media, personal and business email, stores for shopping and more. Imagine the damage that can be done to your private information–identities are stolen, credit is ruined and private information is throw around like a hot potato. We don’t want this to happen to us, but with the blink of an eye, a data breach happens when we’re least expecting it. So how can we cure our data vulnerability?

By using Keeper! Keeper is one of the world’s most downloaded and popular security apps and millions of people trust Keeper to protect them on their mobile devices and computers!

Keeper will do all the work for you while storing your information securely. It will save your login credentials all behind one powerful Master Password that you choose. Instead of remembering numerous login credential combinations, just remember your Master Password. You can rely on Keeper to keep your login credential ssafe because it uses military-grade 128-bit AES security. Plus, you’re able to sync Keeper on multiple devices so not only will your Smartphone be secure, your Tablet and Desktop, whether PC, Mac or Linux is too! Forget about what feels like a million login credentials to fumble over at each login. Keeper is here for you!

To watch an awesome video on why Keeper is important to you, click here!

Stay Secure This Spring with Keeper

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Spring is upon us! Fun times with friends and family will be accumulating more and more as the days grow longer. We’ll be ditching the coats and bags and rely on our pockets and hands to hold onto our wallets and Smartphones. We all know how easy and natural it is to put down what’s in your hands to pick up and look at a piece of art for sale or grab a bottle of water or push open a door. Unfortunately some of us forget to pick back up our wallets and phones which nowadays means more than just a few crumpled bucks misplaced–it means access to all of our information that we use on our phones!

Don’t risk your valuable information such as bank and credit card accounts, personal and business emails, social media and anything that requires login credentials being accessed by a stranger. Use Keeper and all of that information is safe behind your Master Password. Keeper users military-grade security to keep your information safe and auto-launches your sites to make accessing your data convenient for you. It simplifies and secures your data, which can be a big responsibility to carry around in such a small phone. Keeper will make sure you are safe this spring!

Keeper works on all of your devices, so whether you’re taking your Tablet to the park, your Smartphone with you on a jog, your Tablet computer to a festival or your netbook to an outdoor cafe, Keeper will give you a piece of mind this spring. Go to to get Keeper now!

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