The Importance of Encryption, Illustrated

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The key feature of Keeper® Password and Data Vault’s mobile security software lies in the 128-bit AES encryption that the application uses to protect the data from the user end, as it can only be decoded using the password established by the user. This article illustrates why anyone who accesses or stores critical information on their mobile devices needs to protect this information through encryption.

“The consequences of leaving behind these devices is difficult to quantify, but people traveling for business or pleasure are likely to access their company’s corporate network, favorite website or online merchant, resulting in sensitive information residing on endpoint devices. If unauthorized individuals can obtain one or more of the devices left behind at an airport, and the device is not encrypted, the consequences could be severe.”

Keeper® Is On Your Side

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A lot of exciting developments are in the works at Callpod. We have a some changes in the works that are designed to make Keeper better and more widely available to our users. A lot of you may have seen our requests for feedback—we’re trying to gauge the best ways to protect you based on how you use the software and what you want out of it. We greatly value and listen to our users.

In recent months, we’ve rolled out new versions for different platforms- Keeper® is still the most widely supported security software available. Our Windows Phone, Chrome and Cisco Cius versions have been finished, providing more ways to conduct your business online without being exposed to the possibility of identity theft. Keeper is gaining thousands of new users every day.

The need for protection is only becoming more imperative, as an increase in hacking of usernames and passwords has made programs like Keeper inestimably important to users. Keeper is the most feature-rich security software on the market- and for good reason. When a program that encrypts data, such as Keeper, is coupled with a long and complex password there simply isn’t enough time in the world for a hacker to gain access to your authentication information. Decrypting the data based on a random string of characters makes it exponentially harder to hack than making the fatal mistake of using common passwords on more than one site.

We’ve made it easier to protect you by adding the Password Generator feature. Can’t think of an irregular string of characters on the fly? Keeper will do this for you, in addition to managing these passwords and storing them encrypted in our Cloud Security Vault™.

Current events in hacking illustrate better than we can why and how these features benefit you. Basic defense against hackers does not need to translate to inconvenience. Our subscribers know that Keeper is a simple program- they tell us that it is clean, elegantly designed, and intuitive. More importantly, they use Keeper every day.