More Reasons to Encrypt Your Information

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A report on the security vulnerabilities of Android phones was recently released by North Carolina State University, highlighting reasons for encrypting your most important information as you enter it into your phone.

Keeper continues to work even through possible security breaches, viruses and malware–if someone is in your phone, Keeper still guards your data like a vault. The only way to access your info is by providing your master password–without this no one can get your data.

If your phone does become targeted by malicious users and is breached, Keeper still takes care of you. If you backed up to the cloud, in the end you’d have lost nothing.


"UK Companies Don’t Encrypt Enough, Says Survey"

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Insights into encryption of data in both the private and public sector in the UK:

“Nearly half of UK public and private sector organisations are still risking data breaches, losses and leaks from their portable PCs and devices. While 52 percent of respondents said they used data or device encryption to secure their business laptops, 43 percent said they did not have encryption deployed and a further 5 percent admitted they didn’t know if encryption was in use,” said Check Point Software Technologies in a statement announcing its survey results.

IPhone Beats BlackBerry in Business

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We will always be an equal opportunity dealer in mobile devices–Callpod carries an inventory of adapters that can power over 5,000 mobile devices, and Keeper works on every major operating system. That being said, we believe that it is our duty to keep you informed of relevant news in the mobile space, and thought that you might be interested in this article that we came across in Forbes indicating a change in guard in the way that businesses enable workers to function with their mobile devices.

The article states that “Apple has been making a play for enterprise for some time,” competing with RIM to oust BlackBerrys as the go-to device of choice for companies, citing Deutche Bank and J.P Morgan as significant examples of companies who have recently allowed iPhones in the workplace.

RIM’s recent usage issues, along with the increasingly functionality of the iOS software are contributing factors to this industry-wide shift.

Freedom, Power and Protection

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Since our company was founded, Callpod’s mission has been to provide intelligent solutions to technological needs. We have researched and engineered ways to improve the lives of mobile device users and allow our customers to use their technological tools unhindered by the built-in limitations of such devices.

Our groundbreaking innovations in bluetooth technology with the Phoenix, Dragon, Onyx and Vetro stemmed from a vision to provide the freedom to be truly mobile. With your hands free and the ability to roam at will, we hope to inspire creativity within collaborative efforts. Some meetings and communications are best undertaken without the impediments and restrictions of a fixed space, just as some of the best thoughts and ideas come from an uninterrupted flow. Our bluetooth headsets enable our customers to communicate with crisp clarity on the same system while on bike rides, on ships, or in separate departments within the same company. We have always known the possibilities with our technology were limitless; the question is, do you?

“Your Devices Are Hungry: Feed Them”

Maintaining high energy levels is an essential part of any successful endeavor, from the human body to your mobile devices. Callpod makes this easier and more efficient for you with our award winning charging products which were designed to deliver power to the devices that you have come to rely on.. The Chargepod is widely recognized for its simple answer to a technological age problem–the clutter and logistical mess that comes with have many devices. We have given you the ability to free both your physical and mental space and streamline your life to allow you to worry about more important things.

We have stated many times that the very nature of mobile devices leaves you and the information transmitted through them vulnerable. Whether the risk comes from passing through unsecured networks, or theft or loss, the data that you have on your device can be hacked in so many ways and is becoming an increasing concern to businesses and individuals. Keeper is the solution that we have provided for the issue of protection, and with more than 5 million downloads our users agree that it provides a simple and elegant solution to the need for encryption. We have been constantly improving the operability and functioality of Keeper and are continuing to develop new ways to guard you and your device against predatory users.

Callpod has always been an idealistic company, finding ways to enhance the mobile experience of our customers and promote better communications and innovation through the use of our products. We have a history of renowned research and engineering programs that have produced exceptional products that stand out with style.

Keeper for the iPhone 4s

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We are continuing our mission to protect your mobile devices so that you can go about your business with absolute security, and know that your most important files will always be accessible. The most recent version of coincides with the release of the iPhone 4S.

Keeper now runs faster than ever before. Syncing to the cloud is now completed in record speeds. We understand that the need to access your files is critical at times and have ensured that you will always have fast and ready access to your electronic vault.

Keeper is easier to use than ever. Once you sync the new phone to iTunes, you just enter your master password into the app like you always would. Your records will automatically appear on the iPhone 4s.

More Teens Report Being Hacked

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The digital age has brought with it a host of concerns for parents regarding the privacy of their children in light of the information and activities that is now being shared online. And with good reason:

“An Associated Press-MTV poll finds 3 in 10 teens and young adults have had people get into their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other Internet accounts and either impersonate or spy on them. That’s nearly double the level seen in 2009,” the Washington Post reports.

Teens report that 72% of these incidents are for “spying”, while 65% are for “hacking”, and that often these instances are not driven by malicious intent: “It’s meant to be funny,” said Lindenfelzer, a junior at Ithaca College in New York.

The new digital generation is, in other words, coming of age with the access to social networks and online presence with all the wisdom and experience of teenagers. Until the boundaries are tested and learned, it is adolescent nature to treat the parameters of online privacy with the carelessness of youth–some of the subjects interviewed for the story report both breaching another’s online account in addition to having been hacked.

It’s a life lesson to have one’s privacy be violated- only then could one know the true value of encryption and security. Children and teenagers are often unfortunately ill-equipped to regulate and manage their own privacy and couldn’t possibly be trusted to do so all the time- this is why parental controls are invented in media sources and TV channels.

Providing your child with the bullet proof protection of military-grade encryption is one way to not only keep them safe from the outer world of malicious hackers, but also from other teens and young adults. At the very least it removes them from being a sitting duck target for exploitation.

BlackBerry Teaches Valuable Lesson in Backing Up to the Cloud

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Many of the people who have relied upon BlackBerry’s Password Manager function found themselves in dire straits these past few days during the failure of service to 70 million of its users. Of the many problems and snafus that this created, the most critical one was the inability of BlackBerry users to connect to the internet.

Those who rely on the Password Manager function to store and keep passwords and login information experienced the problem of not being able to connect that data to the users most important websites. We hear from users who use the program for the most critical of functions (otherwise, why bother to store and encrypt it?) and we assume that it must be the same for users of BlackBerry’s Password Manager.

This service failure makes a case for the importance of cloud storage, in addition to highlighting the essential limitations of mobile devices in general. If lost, stolen or out of commission due to service problems, the programs storing your important information have no way to help you work on a different device.

We foresaw this scenario when we developed Keeper Backup. By storing your data in the cloud, you will always have unrestricted access to your files at any time, in any place. All of the information that enter into Keeper is encrypted from the moment that you input it. This encryption is based on the secret password that you choose, ensuring the safety of your information when you do store it in the cloud.

This way, life can continue seamlessly even if you lose your mobile device or service to it.