Keeper FastFill for Android is Now Live!

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Attention Android users: Keeper FastFill is now live! Securely and quickly auto-fill your login credentials on your websites and mobile apps today. FastFill is now an integral part of the Keeper app on Android which provides a seamless and secure user experience across all mobile apps and browsers, including Chrome.

One of the best parts? FastFill is free for all existing Keeper customers. To activate FastFill, visit Keeper’s Settings screen. FastFill for iOS and Windows are coming later this year.


Sweet Home Chicago

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If you didn’t already know, Keeper is based in Chicago. Our office is located in Chicago’s historic West Loop district, right next to downtown. Known as much for its Greek restaurants as for its wealth of historic loft buildings, the West Loop has become a growing hub for young startups like us.


Keeper Security HQ in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

Chicago is more than ever a center of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. While our engineering offices are located in Folsom, California, our headquarters are in Chicago, where we are surrounded with excitement and encouragement from other young tech companies.

Organizations like the Chicago Entrepreneurship Center (CEC), 1871, and BuiltInChicago, provide valuable networking and support for Chicago startups, and have played a crucial role in building a community of entrepreneurs and startups in the city.  Darren, our CEO, is a community board member of 1871 and helps mentor new start ups.

For an awesome database of Chicago startups, visit BuiltInChicago’s website provided above. Also be sure to check out this article on for more about Chicago’s vibrant tech scene.

Keeper Achieves SOC 2 Type II Certification

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Today, Keeper is proud to announce its official SOC 2 Type II certification! If that means absolutely nothing to you, read on.

This certification indicates that a third-party organization rigorously audited our company and application to ensure that we meet certain standards of information control. And we totally passed!

We’re excited to be able to provide our users with cold, hard evidence of our dedication to quality and control in dealing with their most sensitive information. From the people we employ to the software we use, rest assured that every facet of Keeper meets the same standard of excellence.

Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper, weighs in on the certification:

“Keeper strives to maintain the highest levels of internal controls, quality assurance and compliance across the entire company. By achieving SOC 2 Type II certification, Keeper has once again proven that it is committed to delivering solutions that meet the standards of such a difficult and detailed audit process.”

We hope this solidifies your trust in our company and our application, and we look forward to continuing to live up to our status as the world’s most popular password manager and data vault!

Keeper For Groups: Security For The Modern Workplace

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With the advent and growing utilization of mobile devices in today’s workplace, business owners are faced with a whole new set of security concerns. Information that once-upon-a-time was stored on desktop computers or even paper documents now goes home with employees at the end of the day.

In the era of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, how can businesses ensure that every employee’s smartphone, tablet or laptop is protected?

The National Cyber Security Alliance gives some general advice on creating and implementing a cybersecurity plan for businesses, but what does “cyber attack prevention” look like in practice?

Enter Keeper for Groups. For business small or large, Keeper for Groups solves a whole slew of security problems posed by the modern mobile workplace.

Take the medical sector. Keeper was recommended by Software Advice, an IT security research firm, in their recent article about the need for healthcare enterprises to manage ultra-sensitive patient information on employees personal devices. Another good example, mentioned in this in-depth feature about Keeper from the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Today blog, is real estate professionals who need to share building codes and information. From legal offices to retail stores, all business need to share information quickly and securely. And as the latter article emphasizes, it takes about 1 hour to set up Keeper for Groups for 1,000 employees.

Check out the Groups page on Keeper’s website for pricing and download information. 

Good Old-Fashioned American Cybersecurity

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Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

There are many ways to celebrate our great nation on its birthday. Fireworks, barbecues, picnics, and celebrating with friends and family are all time-honored Independence Day rituals. But this year, we’d like you to add one more thing to your calendar for July 4th: update password security.

1. Change your email password. Hackers will often use an email password as a way to gain access to other accounts using data found in your email. Change it regularly and you can help protect many of your other accounts at once.

2. Enable two-factor authentication. In the hands of the wrong person, your mobile device can be a goldmine of saved passwords and automatic logins. Don’t get lazy–allow two-factor authentication to verify that the person logging into your Keeper account is really you.

3. Change your Keeper master password. Do we have to explain this one? It’s the single most important password you’ve got. Make it strong, change it often. Please. For the love and honor of your country!

Ok, now it’s time to celebrate. To freedom, and security!

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Keeper Surpasses 5 Million Users

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Today Keeper published a press release announcing that we have surpassed 5 million users. Since the press release doesn’t use any exclamation points, we’ll make up for it here:


5 million users. That’s more than the entire population of Alabama. Or almost two Chicagos. And, we’re adding a new Keepie every 11 seconds.

We must be doing something right. As quoted in the release, our CEO and co-founder Darren Guccione puts it best:

“Keeper is now the leading password management application in the market today, offering both individuals and enterprise users with military-grade encryption and strong usability. Keeper was created to serve two important and unfulfilled needs in the password and data management industry: convenience and security.”

As always, a big thank you to all of our Keepies for your continued (or brand-new) support! Stay tuned for some super cool new Keeper features coming your way this summer…


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Keeper is Evolving for You

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by Darren Guccione, CEO
Monday June 16, 2014

We recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary of the launch of Keeper.  It’s been an amazing journey thus far.  Our relationship with you (our global user base), mobile operators and OEMs has given us great insight in to the pain points involved with online and app access.  As a result, it has driven us to rapidly innovate our product.

Our mission is pretty straight forward:

To improve the safety and efficiency of online access by providing users with vital password and data management software on their devices.  

Today, we manage over 1 billion Keeper records for millions of users in over 80 countries.  Keeper is now the most downloaded and installed password manager and digital vault.

This month, we are launching two new features – Keeper FastFillTM and Keeper Secure File Storage.  With FastFill, users can auto-fill their passwords across all their mobile apps and browsers.  FastFill will also remember new login credentials and save them to your Keeper vault the first time you create them.

With Secure File Storage, you can upload, encrypt and attach sensitive files to your Keeper vault.  If you’re on a smartphone, you’ll simply tap a button.  From the web app or desktop app, you’ll be able to quickly drag-and-drop files into Keeper.  It’s super easy to use and mega-secure.  You’ll also be able to share your encrypted information with other Keeper users (vault to vault) – e.g. private photos, videos, loan documents, tax documents and any other file that you need kept private and secure.  When you take a private photo or document image within Keeper, it gets uploaded and stored in your vault – not on your phone’s camera roll.   These features are all about simplicity, privacy and security.   I’ve been using the beta on my mobile devices – it rocks.

This is a great year for Keeper and an even better year for Keeper users.  We will notify you when these new features go live.  Thank you for being part of Keeper’s journey – the best is yet to come.




5 Reasons Why Keeper is the Perfect Father's Day Gift

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Father’s Day is almost here, and if you still need an idea for a gift for dad, we’ve got a great one: Keeper! Click HERE to get 50% off your Keeper purchase. You’ll get Keeper Backup on ALL your devices plus the Web App.

Here’s why Keeper is the perfect present for Pa.

1. Dads Love Technology

This is a total stereotype, but as it turns out, there is science to corroborate it. For one thing, a DDB Life Style Study found that men are more likely than women to shop online using mobile devices. That means Dad probably has multiple accounts with online retailers and shopping apps, and is sending out his credit card information on a variety of connections. Keeper is a cool, high-tech way for him to protect his financial information and shop securely.

2. Dads Need Security

Another recent study revealed that men are more likely to be infected by mobile malware than women.  Keeper will help Dad stick to trusted websites, and will protect his valuable information from malicious software.

3. Dads Have Groups

Dads, by virtue of being dads, are part of a family. Families tend to share things with each other. We designed Keeper for Groups with families in mind, as a way to share passwords, answers to security questions, bank information and even credit card numbers securely and easily across unlimited devices.

4. You Can Give Keeper Instantly

Translation: last minute gift? No problem!

5. There’s Something In It For You

Whether or not there exists a human capacity for selfless and altruistic giving is a question for another time. If you refer a friend (or dad) to Keeper, you get 1 month of Keeper Backup added to your subscription for free! Just go into your “Settings” tab in the web app and click “Refer A Friend.”

Screenshot 2014-06-13 at 11.26.08 AM - Edited

Happy Father’s Day! Love, Keeper.

Staying Secure This Summer

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Happy June, Keepies! Spring has sprung and summer is right on its heels. With all the flowers and sunshine, it’s easy to forget all about bummer things like identity theft. But believe it or not, June hits the six-month mark since January (we know–already?) and that means it’s time to change those passwords, people.

Changing your passwords regularly helps decrease your chance of being hacked. How? If a hacker were to gain access to any one of your accounts, they could hold on to the information and observe your activity. Email accounts, especially, hold lots of personal information that could lead an attacker closer to stealing your whole identity. Using the Keeper password generator tool is a great way to come up with strong passwords for all of your accounts.

Today also marks the 2-year anniversary of one of the biggest data breaches in recent memory. You may have been one of the 6.5 million users whose LinkedIn password was compromised on June 5th, 2012 by a third-party attack. Use this opportunity to beef up your personal security and protect yourself against a similar attack.


Keeper’s Darren Guccione Weighs in on eBay’s Cyberattack

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It’s been a busy news week at Keeper!

When news broke that eBay was the latest company that had fallen victim to a cyberattack, nearly 145 million users were asked to change their passwords to protect their precious information.

In an article by Mashable’s Samantha Murphy Kelly, Keeper’s CEO Darren Guccione was quoted about the importance of staying on top of password management.

“There is always risk of future loss so the key is to practice good password management,” Darren said. “We encourage consumers to change passwords on their most important and frequently used sites every six months. When creating a password, it’s important to use letters, numbers and symbols which can be accomplished with a password manager.”

Security breaches like this cyberattack that have impacted millions remind us that passwords should be frequently updated to protect against hacks.

CBS Evening News also visited the Chicago Keeper office. Award-winning Chicago CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds spoke with Darren about the proliferation of cyberattacks.

“There’s words like important and necessary, but we usually use the word essential,” said Darren when asked about the need for password security and management.

Since biometric technologies such as thumb prints and eye scanners have only shown spotty success, military grade password security is the best option for everyone. And Keeper is the most secure and quality solution.

“We take what users have been accustomed to for ages and we make it really rock-solid and secure,” said Darren.

What are you waiting for, Keepies? Update those passwords and fight back against harmful cyberattacks today.