Happy Labor Day From Keeper!

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Monday, September 1st is Labor Day, an American holiday our honoring workers and their contributions. Although the name suggests a day of labor, the intended meaning is the opposite and we’re here help you relax.

Creating, remembering and changing passwords can be hard work. Keeper is designed to make your life online secure and give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Create strong passwords with the roll of a dice, save them from a new website, and now, with FastFill for Android, you can securely and quickly auto-fill your login credentials on your websites and mobile apps today. FastFill has become a vital part of Keeper on Android, providing users with a seamless and secure user experience across all mobile apps and browsers, including Chrome. Don’t feel left out, non-Android users, FastFill for iOS and Windows are coming later this year!

Our new Secure File Storage feature is also live on iOS, Android and Desktop. With Secure File Storage, users can upload and drag-and-drop their most important files, photos and videos to their Keeper vaults. Secure File Storage provides the same military-grade encryption and security that has been trusted by our Keeper users for years. How does it work? Files are encrypted during the upload process and the user holds the encryption key for complete privacy and security. Additionally, Keeper users have the ability to securely share files with fellow Keeper users vault-to-vault, making Secure File Storage the best way to save and transfer the most sensitive information.

Honor your own labor contributions by treating yourself to Keeper, and unite with your fellow workers by referring a friend!

Sweet (Second) Home Folsom

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You’ve already read about our homebase is Chicago. But how much do you know about Keeper’s office in Folsom, California?

Folsom plays a pivotal role in making Keeper awesome. Part of the Sacramento County metropolitan region, Keeper’s Folsom office is home to everything that makes Keeper great – from our intuitive interface to our iron-clad security. The office is home to Keeper’s development team.  Led by our CTO Craig Lurey – we have amazing software engineers, security engineers, content producers and QA engineers.

The office location is conveniently located near Intel and Cisco’s campuses. Plus, it’s only a 2.5 hour drive to the Silicon Valley. See those mountains in the background? Well, that’s just a quick drive north to amazing skiing and if you like great food and wine, you can hit Napa Valley too.

Photo courtesy of www.folsom.ca.us.

Photo courtesy of www.folsom.ca.us.

And finally, a blog about Folsom wouldn’t be complete without a Johnny Cash reference.  The legendary musician first took interest in the Folsom State Prison in 1953 while serving in the U.S. Air Force Security Service. Cash’s unit watched Crane Wilbur’s film Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison, inspiring him to write a song that reflected his perception of prison life.The result was “Folsom Prison Blues.” Several live recordings and performances would later follow at the Folsom prison, including an entire album titled At Folsom Prison.

We are proud to call Folsom our second home!

Happy National Tell a Joke Day From Keeper!

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In honor of National Tell a Joke Day this weekend (August 16th to be exact), Keeper would like to remind everyone that cybersecurity is no laughing matter.

Cyberattacks now cost consumers and businesses billions of dollars each year. Really, we aren’t exaggerating. According to a recent study from the Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee, cyberattacks have cost the global economy a “conservative” estimate of $445 billion. In addition, attacks account for the loss of 350,000 jobs in the U.S. and Europe.

These staggering numbers once again demonstrate the importance of Keeper. With the constant risk of cyber threat looming, diligent password management is essential. Keeper encourages users to change passwords on their most important and frequently used sites every six months. Passwords should also contain letters, numbers and symbols which can be accomplished with Keeper.

Additionally, our new Secure File Storage feature allows users the ability to upload and share files, photos and videos with fellow Keepies. Once uploaded to the Keeper Vault, those files are safe and can be accessed on all devices.

The benefits of Keeper expand beyond password creation and data management. The key feature in our mobile security software lies in the 256-bit AES encryption that the application uses to protect data from the user end. Only the user can decode data using the master password. This military-grade encryption separates us from the pack.

However, Keeper doesn’t want to be the grinch of National Tell a Joke Day, so we will leave our 5 million plus users with a little cyber humor:


Cartoon from The New Yorker

Back To School With Keeper

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As much as we hate to admit it, summer is almost over. And that means that it’s time to start thinking about (dare we say it) going back to school. We know, it hurts. Sorry.

There was a time when school supplies included mostly just pens and notebooks, a planner and maybe some post-its. But times have changed. Nowadays, students need to keep track of passwords, library log-ins, online groups for collaborative projects, and (of course) Facebook profiles. That’s why Keeper is the ultimate back-to-school tool. Students of all ages have a lot on their plate, and with Keeper, creating and keeping track of strong passwords is one less thing to worry about.

Our new Secure File Storage feature offers students a way to upload and share text files, images, and even Powerpoint projects with others. Plus, once uploaded to the Keeper Vault, those files are safe and can be accessed from any computer. Gone are the days of homework getting forgotten, lost, or eaten. (Sorry kids: Time to find new excuses!)

A Keeper Backup subscription can make the return to the classroom a bit easier and a lot safer. Sign up your student today!

Keeper Secure File Storage is Now Live!

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The week continues to be an exciting one at Keeper: Secure File Storage is now live for iOS, Android and Web users! With Secure File Storage, users can upload and drag-and-drop their most important files, photos and videos to their Keeper vaults. Secure File Storage uses the same military-grade encryption and security that has protected our Keeper users for years. Files are encrypted during the upload process and the user holds the encryption key for complete privacy and security. Customers also have the ability to securely share files with fellow Keeper users vault-to-vault, making Secure File Storage the best way to save and transfer the most sensitive information.

Keeper has already sold several thousand storage plans in less than a week. Secure File Storage plans start at only $9.99/yr. All users can encrypt and upload their first five files free of charge. Existing Keeper users can upgrade their accounts with Secure File Storage for under $1 per month.

“Initial user feedback has been amazing – they enjoy our pricing, simplicity, security and privacy that Keeper Secure File Storage provides,” says Keeper’s CEO and co-founder Darren Guccione. “Consumers clearly see our differentiated approach focused on secure encryption and we look forward to expanding our business in the cloud storage category.”



Keeper FastFill for Android is Now Live!

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Attention Android users: Keeper FastFill is now live! Securely and quickly auto-fill your login credentials on your websites and mobile apps today. FastFill is now an integral part of the Keeper app on Android which provides a seamless and secure user experience across all mobile apps and browsers, including Chrome.

One of the best parts? FastFill is free for all existing Keeper customers. To activate FastFill, visit Keeper’s Settings screen. FastFill for iOS and Windows are coming later this year.


Sweet Home Chicago

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If you didn’t already know, Keeper is based in Chicago. Our office is located in Chicago’s historic West Loop district, right next to downtown. Known as much for its Greek restaurants as for its wealth of historic loft buildings, the West Loop has become a growing hub for young startups like us.


Keeper Security HQ in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

Chicago is more than ever a center of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. While our engineering offices are located in Folsom, California, our headquarters are in Chicago, where we are surrounded with excitement and encouragement from other young tech companies.

Organizations like the Chicago Entrepreneurship Center (CEC), 1871, and BuiltInChicago, provide valuable networking and support for Chicago startups, and have played a crucial role in building a community of entrepreneurs and startups in the city.  Darren, our CEO, is a community board member of 1871 and helps mentor new start ups.

For an awesome database of Chicago startups, visit BuiltInChicago’s website provided above. Also be sure to check out this article on Forbes.com for more about Chicago’s vibrant tech scene.

Keeper Achieves SOC 2 Type II Certification

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Today, Keeper is proud to announce its official SOC 2 Type II certification! If that means absolutely nothing to you, read on.

This certification indicates that a third-party organization rigorously audited our company and application to ensure that we meet certain standards of information control. And we totally passed!

We’re excited to be able to provide our users with cold, hard evidence of our dedication to quality and control in dealing with their most sensitive information. From the people we employ to the software we use, rest assured that every facet of Keeper meets the same standard of excellence.

Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper, weighs in on the certification:

“Keeper strives to maintain the highest levels of internal controls, quality assurance and compliance across the entire company. By achieving SOC 2 Type II certification, Keeper has once again proven that it is committed to delivering solutions that meet the standards of such a difficult and detailed audit process.”

We hope this solidifies your trust in our company and our application, and we look forward to continuing to live up to our status as the world’s most popular password manager and data vault!

Keeper For Groups: Security For The Modern Workplace

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With the advent and growing utilization of mobile devices in today’s workplace, business owners are faced with a whole new set of security concerns. Information that once-upon-a-time was stored on desktop computers or even paper documents now goes home with employees at the end of the day.

In the era of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, how can businesses ensure that every employee’s smartphone, tablet or laptop is protected?

The National Cyber Security Alliance gives some general advice on creating and implementing a cybersecurity plan for businesses, but what does “cyber attack prevention” look like in practice?

Enter Keeper for Groups. For business small or large, Keeper for Groups solves a whole slew of security problems posed by the modern mobile workplace.

Take the medical sector. Keeper was recommended by Software Advice, an IT security research firm, in their recent article about the need for healthcare enterprises to manage ultra-sensitive patient information on employees personal devices. Another good example, mentioned in this in-depth feature about Keeper from the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Today blog, is real estate professionals who need to share building codes and information. From legal offices to retail stores, all business need to share information quickly and securely. And as the latter article emphasizes, it takes about 1 hour to set up Keeper for Groups for 1,000 employees.

Check out the Groups page on Keeper’s website for pricing and download information. 

Good Old-Fashioned American Cybersecurity

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Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

There are many ways to celebrate our great nation on its birthday. Fireworks, barbecues, picnics, and celebrating with friends and family are all time-honored Independence Day rituals. But this year, we’d like you to add one more thing to your calendar for July 4th: update password security.

1. Change your email password. Hackers will often use an email password as a way to gain access to other accounts using data found in your email. Change it regularly and you can help protect many of your other accounts at once.

2. Enable two-factor authentication. In the hands of the wrong person, your mobile device can be a goldmine of saved passwords and automatic logins. Don’t get lazy–allow two-factor authentication to verify that the person logging into your Keeper account is really you.

3. Change your Keeper master password. Do we have to explain this one? It’s the single most important password you’ve got. Make it strong, change it often. Please. For the love and honor of your country!

Ok, now it’s time to celebrate. To freedom, and security!

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